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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had more than a few restless nights thinking about the time when you are no longer able or no longer want to work.
You may have asked yourself questions such as:

  • What will happen to my standard of living once I no longer have a paycheck? Am I likely to run out of money in retirement?
  • When is the best age to start taking Social Security, and what will happen if I choose the wrong age?
  • If I die prematurely, what will happen to the ones who depend on me as the breadwinner?
  • How can I maximize the money I am getting from my pension?
  • What if I suffer a chronic illness or debilitating injury that requires long term care? How can I avoid becoming a burden to my loved ones?
  • How can I achieve true financial peace and create streams of income that I can’t outlive?

These are just a few of the questions that keep people nearing retirement awake at night. After all, life changes dramatically when one leaves the workforce. There are many aspects to retirement to consider.

Planning for retirement without assistance from an experienced, trusted advisor is like trying to build a home without a blueprint or the right tools. It’s a hit or miss endeavor that could cause you to make mistakes with your money from which you will never have enough time to recover.
We are sure you’ll agree that financial peace in retirement is only achieved using a strategic approach. Anyone considering retirement needs a balanced, sound blueprint that answers all of the most obvious questions, as well as the more subtle ones.
No financial blueprint can anticipate every scenario. You must understand the impact the financial decisions you are making RIGHT NOW will have on the rest of your life.

We are seasoned, empathetic planners who can get you on track for a successful and prosperous life after work. By asking the right questions, but even more importantly, by listening, we help you discover your right relationship to money and achieve your financial goals. We work hard to uncover areas of weakness that could potentially derail your plans and create stress.
Our unique and thorough planning process gives you the ability to see your financial picture, both now and in the future. We pride ourselves in taking the time to listen and to understand every client’s concerns. 

The soundest approach to retirement involves the creation of wealth using strategic investing. You must manage your portfolio carefully and achieve positive, safe growth while avoiding unnecessary risk.
Your strategy and options will change depending on your time horizon and your tolerance to risk. You can be sure, however, that our team will be there to assist you in finding the options and assets that are right for achieving your vision of retirement.
There are many ways to structure a portfolio so that you achieve growth and safeguard your wealth against erosive forces such as inflation, taxation, and volatility. 
We have the proven tools and skill sets needed to partner with you in designing your ultimate financial future. If you aren’t sure of your investment goals, we will assist you in gaining the clarity you need to create a more worry-free retirement.
We know, and you probably know also, that successful investing requires a lot more than merely choosing the right stocks or bonds. Creating a more prosperous financial future also involves building a fortress around your wealth once you have it. Doing so will ensure that you have an income that will last and pass to future generations.
After all, nothing is guaranteed on Wall Street except uncertainty. You need another set of eyes watching your portfolio and actively ensuring that you have Plan B ready to go when the wild ride starts again, as it inevitably will.
Our fee-only managed services ensure that our eyes are focused on ensuring that your portfolio’s performance exceeds your expectations, and not on selling you products you do not want or need.



Maybe you’ve managed to do a great job at planning and accumulating the money and assets you need to retire successfully. 
Congratulations!  That’s a very commendable accomplishment.
However, contrary to what most conventional planners might tell you, just because you’re no longer working does not mean you don’t want your money to continue to grow or that it doesn’t require protection.
At this point, it’s time to stop taking unnecessary risks.  Asset protection and preservation strategies play an important role in helping you do just that.
After all, it’s taken you a lifetime to grow your nest egg.  Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to protect your wealth and avoid mistakes that could destroy a lifetime of sacrifice and planning?
Our team is well-versed in the concept of asset preservation and protection.  We’ll help you build an impenetrable fortress around your money so that it will be there for you when you need it most.

​The majority of financial advisors today are fantastic when it comes to leading their clients up the mountain.
However, once they get those clients to the summit (ready to retire) , these advisors may lack the unique skills and mindsets necessary to get them back DOWN.
A tricky descent happens because most planners focus entirely on the accumulation phase.  A typical planner isn’t trained to help clients discover the right ways to distribute their money once they’ve retired.
This inability to get off the mountain is an unfortunate situation, especially since the distribution of accumulated wealth is probably the most critical component of a sound retirement plan.  
A typical American spends thirty or more years retired, so every dollar is essential.  Incorrectly spending your nest egg will mean that you might outlive your money with no way to earn more.
Retirement income and retirement “insurance” are both necessary considerations when planning your financial future. 
Our team understands the many mistakes that can occur during this phase.  We design retirement income plans that make distribution more manageable and give you greater peace of mind.


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